We have been a manufacturer in cleaning chemicals & detergents in Istanbul, Turkey since 2013. Holding a portfolio with over 300 kinds of products, we have been serving our clients worldwide, who mainly are;
1- industrial & institutional clients (e.g. hotels, hospitals, restaurants, catering companies, commercial laundries, factories, car care stations, official tenders etc.),
2- household clients (all kinds of detergents and other cleaning products for home use)

Ekspochem Industrial & Institutional products are grouped as below:

1- Laundry Hygiene,
2- Kitchen Hygiene,
3- Building Care,
4- Personal Hygiene,
5- Swimming Pool Care,
6- Auto Care,
7- Food Hygiene,
8- Heavy Industry,
9- Household Hygiene.
10- Product (Detergent) Concentrates

Some tips for our product groups:

A- INDUSTRIAL & INSTITUTIONAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS: The products in this group are all of first class ones. The products in this group are produced by using high performance ingredients as well as based on smart formula solutions. So, they compete with any high segment manufacturer products in quality and price.

B- BUDGET LINE PROFESSIONAL DETERGENTS: Alternative group for industrial hygiene. BUDGET LINE consists of the commonly sold products, not the whole portfolio.

C- UNIVERSAL POWDER DETERGENTS: Detergents for both industrial and household use, in bulk packagings. A number of industrial users like hotels, hospitals, professional laundries etc., who run with comparably lower budgets prefer using UNIVERSAL powder detergents. They are very competitive in price and perform well when compared to similar priced detergents.

D- AUTO CARE PRODUCTS: Most of products in this group are commonly produced under private label. We provide a few leading company products in Turkey.




H- PRODUCT (DETERGENT) CONCENTRATES: Detergents in concentrate form for other manufacturers. Final products for market can easily be obtained by diluting and rebottling these concentrates.

I- HOUSEHOLD DETERGENTS: Products for household use. Powder and liquid laundry detergents, stain removing products, fabric softeners; dishwashing detergents for manual and dishwashers, kitchen cleaners; hard surface & washroom cleaner & hygiene products, glass cleaners, air fresheners; personal cleaning & hygiene products etc.

EKSPOCHEM is accredited by the following quality systems:

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
ISO 14001:2004 International Environmental Management System
OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Standard

Ekspochem focuses on full customer satisfaction while managing operations. So, from the stage of evaluating formulas to final delivery of the goods to its clients, Ekspochem proceeds with great sensitivity.

Here are some further advantages of Ekspochem:

1- Formulations: Although we use our basic formulations more commonly, we are also capable of designing and producing different formulations to match our clients' requirement in quality and price for their marketing targets. This way of approaching to the client is applicable for all the products we have been producing.
2- Quick delivery: Ekspochem proceeds swiftly and delivers orders as early as possible.
3- Private label production: Available in any products and at rather smaller quantities.

We will be glad to serve you with our best and will be at your disposal for your inquiries.

With Kind Regards,

Ekspochem Hygiene Team